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Posted by Richardg — 19 August 2011 at 11:15am - Comments

Picture the scene: you're revving up to enter our Volkswagen film competition, to expose its dirty lobbying against strong climate change laws. But you need some inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. So how about reviewing some of our classic films for campaigns gone by?

After last week's ancient forests epic, we’re sticking with the forests theme with Give The Orang-utan A Break. The film accompanied our campaign to get Nestle to stop buying palm oil from companies which are trashing the rainforest.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the somewhat gory climax, it went on to scoop the Viral Video Award at the 2010 Berlin International Film Competition. But the real hubbub took place online.

In what soon became a textbook example of how not to do social media, Nestle tried to ban the film from Youtube and started censoring its Facebook pages, deleting comments from people who’d seen the film.

Faced with what witty commentators were soon calling a ‘kitkatastrophe’ (groan), Nestle agreed to  introduce a policy to make sure deforestation wasn't part of its supply chains. Communications companies analysed the campaign, and one produced an amazing diagram showing how the message spread around the internet.

So if our KitKat film has whetted your appetite - for campaign films that is, not chocolate bars - then we need your help to show how VW is spending millions on lobbying to undermining new laws to make cars more efficient and reduce CO2 emissions across Europe.

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